La Bruxelloise // De Brusselse

Run or walk for all those women who have been or have breast cancer.

Because together we can advance research, you can build your fundraising pot this year. All profits will be entirely donated to the St-Luc Foundation.

How does it work ?

  • Create your fundraiser
  • Share it through your different networks
  • Raise maximum funds
  • Help the breast cancer research!
  • Win a pair of shoes adapted to your stride and a personalized analysis and advice via our partner Jogging Plus *. Increase your chances by increasing your prize pool: every 20 €, you will have an additional chance to win this prize.

    * for a maximum value of 160 €.

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Créez votre page de collecte de fonds ou rejoignez une équipe avec des amis, des collègues, votre équipe sportive ou des camarades de classe.

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15-11-2021 | 22:40 To: BCT: Run for Ciara Well done to all the team who ran for Ciara, what an inspiration she was and continues to be x